eFLOW Digital Mailroom for Transport & Logistics

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The speed at which paper moves through an organization is in stark contrast to the speed of interactions in the fast-paced and highly complex world of transport and logistics. But with a nearly endless list of documents to be processed—boarding cards, freight bills, packing lists, delivery notes, invoices and many more—transport and logistics remains one of the most paper-burdened industries.

By capturing and digitizing documents as they enter your organization, you prevent this inbound paper trail from disrupting what could be smooth and responsive processing. This is where eFLOW Digital Mailroom comes in—it addresses transport and logistics organizations’ unique needs through the automatic classification and processing of documents, at the moment they arrive.

Download the brochure to learn how eFLOW Digital Mailroom works, and what transport and logistics companies stand to gain from implementing the solution.

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