Digital Mailroom for Business Process Outsourcing
Provide lasting value. Secure long-term profitability

Strong growth and market expansion.This has been Gartner’s prognosis for the BPO industry for several years running. But for today’s BPO provider, profitable growth no longer hinges on speed and price alone—agility is key.

The ability to help your customers serve their customers with high responsiveness—at the lowest cost—is what elevates a BPO provider from commodity to long-term business partner.

Top Image Systems’ Digital Mailroom for Business Process Outsourcing, based on our industry-leading content process automation platform, eFLOW, is the technology that delivers this ability.

Download this brochure to learn:

  • How it works: The robust performance of the eFLOW Digital Mailroom solution
  • The benefits BPO providers stand to gain (reduced turnaround times, greater flexibility, higher customer retention levels and better communication, to name a few)
  • How to effectively serve different industry verticals from a single technology platform
  • Why Xerox, TCS, Williams Lea, Cintas, Bottomline Technologies, Parseq (Documetric), Fujitsu Services and many others rely on eFLOW Digital Mailroom to meet the changing demands of their customers
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